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Wizard on the top – Climax Blues near the bottom

Read begins – my first band


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my first band – my dad found an ad in the classified

guys in Red Lion – stacy shane kile bob.. i sorta recall,.

put an ad for drummer

My parents have me thru years of drumming, and in private instruction with the local great

Don Frey

You would go to Don Frey drum lessons even at 6am,. and, if you didnt know your lesson well enough

you would end up maybe saturday, early a.m,.

your mom off to do a half day of work,. while you, stand in the corner of the basement

practicing, on a rubber pad with BiG sTiCKs, as scheduled lesson takers come and go.

Way later.. maybe i was 20 something, 1982 1985 or so..

I was in the military.

Managed a reassignment after a couple years, they liked to keep you round.

i was support, a 64c10 driver at CDEC – hunter liggett, off of ft. ord mostly.

Their driver was on the way out, i had auditioned twice before and passed as an able rudimental drummer.

The trick was getting the CDEC commander to go along with the transfer, which finally happened.

I would drive the 7th ag band to gigs of all kinds to, wherever california, like

Monterey Bay Aquarium Opening in Monterey, and

on occassion do something in BLUES, like a banquet,. where,

i buZZzzzzz out a crispy snare roll

as the color guard march around setting the flags for opening the engagement.

Then,. off for a little, small talk,. and soon,

another snappy little demonstration as the colors are marched to retirement.

(i almost reenlisted and would have been off to the school of music for something,. O2M – percussionist)

This playlist next are some of the songs we did in the band my dad found for me

from the newspaper classified.

Stacy shane bob kile and jimmy me, played and sang well, we RoCKED!

I was only 15,. my dad would drive me there.

When i got to late 16,. i went car crazy or something.. and

ended up fetching them a Don Frey student replacement, Todd Therit is maybe the name.

I went off to doing, ah,. tricks, with CARS like,. GTOs and camaros, ah,. generally, stupid sTufF.

Anyway,. you may RoCK on at this time!

i update the playlists on – MusicCafe.Tv – from time to time, stop by!


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